Wednesday, December 07, 2005

The Waiting Game II

Yes, it's freaking happening again. Twice in a week, the possibility of a snow day is being dangled over my head. I'm sick of this crap! Last year we had these definitive answers. Huge storms came barrelling through the state, everyone nearly positive when we were getting out of school. But thus far it's been jittery weathermen commenting on the possibility of snow. I'm promising myself I wont become obsessed with the data, or the reports and just pretend like Friday is normal and be surprised when I drive into school and it's closed.

Probably not though.

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Joe said...

Those false alarm snowdays must be even better when the moon is full.

What is it about the prospect of total routine disruption that gives us such energy?

Miss those school days. And the later carpenter days, which were even better because we had not only snow days but RAIN days! Sweet sound on a sore morning... the rain drumming on the overturned canoe just outside the window.