Tuesday, December 20, 2005

A Reason to Stop Blogging?

Increasingly I've had this conversation with old friends that I've been trying to catch up with:

"So the other day I was (insert beginning of interesting story)..."

"Yeah Brett, I know."

"I told you this story already?"

"Nope, I read it on your blog."

Is my blog making me less interesting in person?


Joal said...

You might have to spend less time catching up and telling stories with people, and more time creating stories with people. That, I think, makes you a even more interesting person.

Mattyd said...


Mattyd said...

Okay, more seriously, isn't this question moot? You'e not going to stop blogging, right? Perhaps you're just not interesting enough for a blog AND a real life...and since the blog can't go, maybe a more solitary existence would help. You could become a blogging-in-his-underwear type. No life, just the blog. Only communicate through the blog.

Of course, without a life, you wouldn't have anything to blog about.

Hmmm... quite a vicous circle you've found yourself in.