Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Know Thyself!

There was a secret pleasure this morning in waking up to discover that there was absolutely no snow. Nothing, nada, sorry maybe next time. Life goes on as planned and we all grumpily make our way into our lives. Of course I have lots of work to do and really need the day off, but once again it's the whole balancing act of the world. Sometimes it goes your way and sometimes it doesn't. We only know the difference by disappointments like today.

Sorry for a second there I thought I was using my old blog template.

In one of many postings this week, Colin brought up the Myers-Briggs personality inventory. It's a fascinating way of determining what type of person you are so that you can, um, so that you can, um, know what type of person you are. Isn't that sort of information great?

In our culture we spend far too much time assessing who we are. It's an obsession. How exactly does that help us in any way. I've known for a long time that I am a quiet introvert, but that doesn't help me in any way. In fact, that knowledge actually damages me in a fashion. By knowing what personality type I am, I may begin typecasting myself in situations. I need to act in a certain way because it says so. How would I ever grow?

We must cast off these personality inventories and just be ourselves. Not what the Myers-Briggs tells us is ourselves, but what we feel inside. According to it, I am an ISFP, quiet, contemplative, always willing to avoid conflicts. But there is something different in me that cries out to be different, to be an extrovert who makes other people happy with my warmth and good humor. Why should I be pigeon-holed when I can be so much more?

Sorry for those of you who were counting on a snow day. In truth I actually like being at work because it's better than my cold and lonely apartment. I blame myself.

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