Sunday, October 15, 2006

Habeas Corpus Dead at 800

Congratulations President Bush, you have officially brought the United States back to pre-revolution times. So now, instead of living in a free society, we actually live in a society where a person can be held indefinitely without a trial. Smells like liberty to me. Here's a thought George. Remember what happened the last time someone decided people shouldn't have Habeas Corpus? Did you study the American revolution? Probably not. Is it possible you're actually creating the terrorism you so desperately are using as a political platform?

Thanks Asshat for taking away constitutional rights. I suppose, under the new definition, I could be considered an enemy combatant for thinking somebody should fight this bill. Maybe he can start up an organization devoted to capture and hold, or "police" anyone with negative thoughts about our government. That would show those terrorists we mean business.

I'm actually appalled at the total lack of news coverage on this bill being approved and sent to Congress. Personally, I blame Katie Couric for turning the news into another entertainment magazine.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Okay, so you've been bought out by Google for several billion dollars. You are probably now among the richest people in cyberspace. So what do you do next? According to the YouTube guys, you do this:

Couldn't they have thought of something more eloquent or fancy?

Here's a more appropriate response:

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Harry Wha?

Is this article about Harry Potter the dumbest thing ever? It's not even bad literary criticism, where the author is merely choosing the segments of the piece they read to prove their bogus theory. It's as if the writer has no ability to infer past what is explicitly said, kind of like my lower level 9th graders do. It never says Harry studies in the books, so he must not!

Oh, grow up!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Damn Democrats

This whole Mark Foley scandal can be broken down into one thing: Democrats have let the country get so morally out of control, that republicans can no longer control their deviant behaviors. Seriously, Democrats have won and completely usurped any moral code this country ever had. Instead, we are replaced by Republicans who drink too much so that they have the courage to IM young boys in explicit fashions.

Seriously, democrats including Ned Lamont are ruining our morality.

Personally, I think Foley was induced by the commie democrats running Hollywood. After all, they have all those shows suggesting how homosexuality is an okay lifestyle. How can anyone control their urge to elicit favors from teen male pages when network television is telling us that having an adult homosexual relationship is acceptable? If anything, Mark Foley is a martyr who is willing to take a fall so that the rest of the country can be elightened to how bad democrats have let the country slide.

They think they are so smart.