Sunday, October 15, 2006

Habeas Corpus Dead at 800

Congratulations President Bush, you have officially brought the United States back to pre-revolution times. So now, instead of living in a free society, we actually live in a society where a person can be held indefinitely without a trial. Smells like liberty to me. Here's a thought George. Remember what happened the last time someone decided people shouldn't have Habeas Corpus? Did you study the American revolution? Probably not. Is it possible you're actually creating the terrorism you so desperately are using as a political platform?

Thanks Asshat for taking away constitutional rights. I suppose, under the new definition, I could be considered an enemy combatant for thinking somebody should fight this bill. Maybe he can start up an organization devoted to capture and hold, or "police" anyone with negative thoughts about our government. That would show those terrorists we mean business.

I'm actually appalled at the total lack of news coverage on this bill being approved and sent to Congress. Personally, I blame Katie Couric for turning the news into another entertainment magazine.

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Aldon Hynes said...

For the best commentary on the death of Habeas Corpus, you should read very special commentary about when GOP Rep. Christopher Shays said that what happened at Abu Ghraib "wasn't torture"; it was merely a "sex ring."

More importantly, you should read this comment about Abu Ghraib and Habeas Corpus.