Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Barely Back

The reboot of my blog is at hand. I have dressed it up a bit, making it a bit more (ahem) literary. My thesis stuff will not appear here. I know how upset you are. My reactions to my thesis will appear. The advantage-- far more expletives. Let's do this thing...

So what am I doing right now? Wasting my time sitting here and writing a blog so I don't have to do any work today? Actually, my advisor tells me it's good to keep a blog daily so that I can keep my brain sharp. I'm not sure if he's ever actually read a blog.

Anyways, he is terrified right now. My broad topic is freaking him out. I don't have an argument, just a topic with questions. The sky is falling.

It's cool...I promise I'll be good.

Today's distraction from my thesis: Nintendo DS

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