Thursday, October 05, 2006

Damn Democrats

This whole Mark Foley scandal can be broken down into one thing: Democrats have let the country get so morally out of control, that republicans can no longer control their deviant behaviors. Seriously, Democrats have won and completely usurped any moral code this country ever had. Instead, we are replaced by Republicans who drink too much so that they have the courage to IM young boys in explicit fashions.

Seriously, democrats including Ned Lamont are ruining our morality.

Personally, I think Foley was induced by the commie democrats running Hollywood. After all, they have all those shows suggesting how homosexuality is an okay lifestyle. How can anyone control their urge to elicit favors from teen male pages when network television is telling us that having an adult homosexual relationship is acceptable? If anything, Mark Foley is a martyr who is willing to take a fall so that the rest of the country can be elightened to how bad democrats have let the country slide.

They think they are so smart.


Chelsea said...

this post is absolutely rediculous.

im not sure i understand why you are calling out every democrat in our country. you actually contradicted yourself when you said 'Democrats have won and completely usurped any moral code this country ever had,' then spoke of ned lamont, solely.

please, next time? pay more attention to politics, and realize that just because a representative of this party is considered an asshole to some, including yourself apparently, don't identify him as every democrat.

or, well, i guess this IS an opinion-blog, therefore you have every right to say as you wish to.

but, this is getting rediculous.

Brett said...

Looks like somebody doesn't understand tongue-in-cheek satire...