Friday, December 23, 2005


I would place last night in the win category for several reasons, most of which had nothing to do with the date. As I discussed yesterday, last night I went out with an extremely pretty girl that I met from speed dating. She wanted to go to Crush, which is the bar where the famous weatherman incident happened. I agreed given that it would be an easy segue into that story.

So I went to the date remembering two small things about this woman:

She was a really pretty blonde.

On our five minute date, we discussed literature.

Crush has enormous round couches, which are hip and fun, except when you're trying to have a casual conversation with someone. Then it feels like you're on some sort of really bad morning talk show. There are very few places to rest your hands, and you cock your head towards the person in a desperate attempt to maintain eye contact. I will not be dating there again.

So I sit down and tell her the weatherman story, and she laughs because it is a genuinely funny story. I embellish it, using my hands to convey just how angry I acted. At some point I told her I must have looked like King Kong with the way I was flailing my arms. Timely comedy is a talent.
I'm surprised to learn that she remembers way more about me than I remember about her. She remembers that my parents live in Florida and my brother lives in Texas. She knows where I work and live and the last really good book I read. I think she remembers what my tax return was last year.

I talk a lot.

So I'm sitting there talking to this really pretty woman at a bar that neither of us are particularly comfortable in. She admits she's more of an Arch Street Tavern person. I agree wholeheartedly. Arch Street is the best.

The date was great, there was a lot to talk about and a lot of laughter. I felt a great connection with her, which is the same way I felt on our quick 5 minute date. This woman was fantastic.

All of this is unfortunate because as Matty D commented yesterday "I thought everyone at speed dating was at least 10 years your senior." I had selective amnesia and completely forgot how old this woman was. My guess, which is supported by R-Dogg, is that she's probably 35 or 36. That's a great age, but probably not the best for casual dating. I've always liked older women far more than younger women. No games, no weird messages or signals. Just honest and open relationships.

The good thing is that I'll email her today and if she doesn't get back to me I know it's probably not me. I mean it is me, but only that she's put off by how much younger I am. Which is why I'm counting this date as a victory. It makes me realize that I am indeed good at dating.


coturnix said...

She also knows very well how old you are.

And she is still interested. If she was not, she would not have come to the date, and she certainly would not have remembered all those details about you - she probably forgot everything about the boring guys by now.

Knowing your age, and knowing you are unlikely to be looking for marriage and stuff at your age, and still going after you, means that she is also not looking for marriage and wants to have fun. Young girsl dream of Cinderella-like weddings (and screw up sometimes by getting one). Older women are much more aware how the whole marriage thing is one of those inflated puritan social stories, like Christmas and Santa Clause. They are much more realistic and much more uninhibited.

So. Go for it.

Mattyd said...

I don't mean to be a downer, but if she is 35+, one must ask why she is still single. Recently divorced? Returned from a long-term science expedition in the Arctic? Just escaped a long-term, going nowhere relationship? Lesbian-turned-straight?

Or is there some as-yet undetected fatal flaw that has left an attractive, personalble woman unattached for so long?

God I'm glad that I don't need to date anymore.

Holly said...

Here we go, Brett - can you possibly tolerate just ONE MORE of my inputs and anecdotes?!? :-)

My husband is 7 years my junior... I must admit one of the first things out of my mouth was, "Oh... go away... you're a baby..." Really. At a dance club. In Hartford. When we met, I was your lady's age... and NOT looking. Really. I just like to dance. And had a lot of fun doing it for quite awhile - without letting dance partners get any further than just dancing. Made some friends - lots of them. No dating - seriously.

I was single at that age because I had gotten divorced after nearly 18 years of marriage - (yes, I married young). But when I wasn't looking... there it was.

The whole story - which I will NOT, by choice, post here, is one full of romance, steamy rendezvous, and lots and lots of really great well... you know, I have a lot of material for a very tasteful short exoctica story...

With all of that said and done, the age difference has actually made very little difference. It's seldom even a topic of discussion or even something that either one of us think of. And even though I had three children from my first marriage, I was still young enough to give the best half of me I ever found two of his own - well, one and one due next month (as you know). But it didn't start out with marriage, family and a life-time-ahead-of-us in mind for either one of us. And that's what makes it so damned perfect.

Like B says, "Go for it!" I suspect you'll love the ride!