Monday, December 12, 2005


A colleague of mine offered me this enticing offer:

"Hi Brett - my neighbor started a new business of that 5 minute dating thing... Her first one is for young uns (well, she writes under 45, but I think most of them are in their 30's) - and you're the only young single guy I know. Do you have any friends that would be interested in this? It's at Black eyed Sallys this Wednesday night."

To which I replied "How old do you think I am?" (I'm 25)

My initial reaction was that even if I was old enough, I wouldn't want to go. I still have fantasies of magically meeting someone without even trying. Not saying this is a bad thing, but I just can't do it. Except I've been thinking about doing it merely to blog about it. Which opens up a whole new issue about blogging. If I go to it simply to blog it, will it then not be genuine? So I'm asking you, my fantastic audience, what you think. Leave no stone unturned.


Joal said...

Well, it's still genuine, because we're in on it too. Also, if you go, we don't have to (but we can still satisfy our curiosity).

Be our guinea pig. What's the worst that could happen? Nothing ventured, nothing gained, right?

coturnix said...

Do it, of course!

It's like being an embedded journalist (and you may even end up in bed!). You are sacrificing an hour or so for the benefit of humanity (OK, a few of us, but if you do it, I'll link to your story). I am not going to continue with bad puns by invoking Deep Throat....

Holly said...

Bora's right, you know... Every good journalist - and every good writer - often has to place him/herself into the shoes of others at one time or another. In order to realistically write about someone (let's say a specific character), you really have to understand what's going on inside his or her head.

So go ahead, immerse yourself... and then convince us it's true - or not.

If nothing else, you'll reap a whole lot of information and observations (participation is not out of the question...), which will, in turn, give you a whole new understanding and perspective on a whole plethora of issues - some you may not even know about.

(Just be careful - drunken, lonely people can be scary...)


ericdbernasek said...

Go and blog. Why the hell not?

Btw, "wise" people have told me from time to time that "when you're not looking anymore, that's when you'll find" it/her/him/whatever.

I think they're full of crap, but I thought I'd pass that along. And, come to think of it, I did meet my last girlfriend when I "was least expecting it".