Wednesday, December 07, 2005


There are things I'm both happy and sad about as class ends. I'm happy I got to know Bill so well, but sad that I didn't figure out how great coffee was with him until last week. Happy that Chris and I got to spend another class together, but sad because it means that we only have a couple more to go. I'm both sad and happy that our class came together in such a collective way and created our own community. It's nice to feel close to people, but now that we have to leave our community behind it's also pretty saddening.

We had some great times- Elin standing next to me at the Tap and trying to help me pick up a girl, laughing while Colin made some hilarious remark, the way Marc cynically balanced out the class from my own blogging fanaticism. I feel lucky that there was a class willing to listen while I went on my bizarre and often off-topic rants. Lots of other people just roll their eyes and nod at me.

I know many of you will continue to blog and I will keep reading them. I feel as if I have found a blogger kindred spirit in Eric, who I will anxiously read while he posts all his crazy links and audioblogs. My hope is that Holly will continue dispensing wonderful and encouraging advice that I will listen to and probably not use, but still take to heart. Hey I still need to make my own mistakes. I like the way Erin sits quietly for most of the class and then will dispense a comment that is perfectly genius and better than any of my crazy tangents. Patty always laughs at my jokes, even when they are horrifyingly bad.

With Joe, I feel like I'm sitting in a beat cafe in San Francisco discussing the way the world works, which is fantastic. Joal, being the elder statesmen of blogging, often puts me in my place when I have some ludicrous idea of blogging. I'll miss all of you.

Yeah, I'm getting kind of sappy so I'll just leave you with one single thought. Every morning I wake up and crawl my way over to the computer in order to read your blogs. I look forward to leaving comments on your blogs and the comments you leave on mine. This blogging class has been an experience that can never be duplicated.


Papa Bill said...

I think it's interesting that we both came up with similar posts to commemorate the fading of our class into the academic sunset. Great minds... Coffee meet sounds good. See you at the Bistro before class if you can make it.

Joe said...

Blogging is.

Does the Bistro make good espresso?

JP said...

It has been fun to watch you emerge as a true blogger and hear/read about your crazy blogging experiences each week! I will miss that.