Wednesday, December 28, 2005

My Movie Week

This week I've seen more movies at the cinema than I have in the past few months, and I must say that up until today I was sorely disappointed. Nothing I had seen impressed me on any level. I was ready to write an angry tryst about how terrible Hollywood has become.

Yesterday I went to see Memoirs of a Geisha, and while the movie is gorgeous, it had absolutely no direction. It was a beautiful ship with no ruddder. What I think bothered me was that Memoirs of a Geisha could have been a great film. It just wasn't.

Same with Fun with Dick and Jane, which I saw Christmas Day. It had some really hilarious Jim Carrey moments in it. But the movie is bogged down with poorly thought out satire and the concept fizzles out way too quickly.

Of course, you know my feelings about The Family Stone. Rachel, honey, I'm still waiting on your email. I can separate your work with who you really are.

So when I went to see The Producers today, figuring my bad movie streak would continue. Most things I'd read about suggested it wasn't going to be good. The expectations were low.

But I loved it. I enjoyed every single campy, ridiculous and over the top moment in the movie. It was fun for the sake of fun, and with no pretentions.

Reviewers are looking at it through the wrong lens. The movie shouldn't be compared to the other Producers movie, or its stage counterpart. Let it live on its own. The Producers best reminded me of a zany 1930s or 40s musical. Nothing about the movie is subtle, and I appreciated that. I didn't want subtle when there are songs such as "Keep it Gay."

I think my most pleasant surprise was Will Ferrell. I actually wanted more Ferrell, which is rare. Usually I'm exhausted by his attempts to constantly make the audience laugh. In this case, I thought he was great.

Go see it, and don't think too hard. Yes, it's overacted and totally overblown at times. But that's where all the fun is.

Sidenote: Matty, yesterday you wrote me a comment discussing all this fictional stuff. What's the harm in fantastizing a little about some real celebrities? Of course, most of us know where to draw the line.


Mattyd said...

Are you lumping me in with crazy Letterman woman just because I had a relationship with a fictional character from a television show?

Papa Bill said...

Grades are up. I know you probably got an Outstanding compared to my meager HP, but, noncompetitive as I am, how could I resent you for that, you b---ard!?

Mattyd said...

How do I find out my grade?

Brett said...

Go to: and type in your elaborately complicated password.
BTW Matt, I was lumping myself in with the crazy Letterman woman

Joal said...

Brokeback Mountain was pretty good -- kind of depressing though.