Saturday, December 24, 2005

People I Am Thankful For

My Mother and Stepfather, who keep a guiding hand in my life, but thankfully leave me alone when they realize I need to figure things out for myself. They have become more like my friends than my parents at this point.

My uncle Peter, who has taken his brother's place and become something of my father. He always teaches me valuable lessons about being an adult while taking me out for a good time. Peter will never be dad, but he's as close as I need.

My older brother Mark, who will always be my best friend, even when he is 3000 miles away. Mark and I can stay on the phone for hours talking about nothing and loving it. I miss you man.

Ryan, who has done an amazing job of bringing me out of my shell. I've been out more in the past two months than I have been in the three years since started teaching. His humor and willingness to do crazy things is amazing.

Steve, who is my thoughtful mentor and good friend. He always is there to listen to my insane rantings and laugh hysterically. I look forward to every day because I know I'll get to see Steve.

Kerri, who always listens and provides kind words. We share something that I can't quite identify, but I know is special. She is also a great friend.

Amanda, whose personality and friendship has helped me get through some rough times. She always puts others before herself, which is a noble and rare quality in our society.

Dave, who is like a brother to me. Our humor and personalities mesh so well that I can't believe we weren't from the same womb. I miss spending every day with you.

All my other friends from work, who I can't say enough about. You are all special to me in your own way and I value your friendships. I don't want to accidentally leave someone off the list, so I'm hoping this statement will cover all of you. You know who you are.

My blogclass people, who are always willing to give me advice and warm feelings. I expected to learn about blogging and memes, but I ended up learning so much more from all of you. Hopefully soon we will be able to get together again.

My friend who is not quite a friend right now, but hopefully will be in the future. There is no point to malice, no point to judge others or feel hate. Those qualities create bad feelings in ourselves. I do not wish to have them. We should talk...

Anyone who knows me personally, but who I accidentally left off this list. If you know me, you probably get a daily dose of me being sentimental anyways. So you know how I feel and shouldn't feel snubbed. If you do, come and find me.

To all of you I know, and those of you I don't, I hope you find every bit of happiness that you deserve, not just in this holiday season but in life. Every one of you is a good person who emanates joy and love. I am lucky to be around such wonderful people.

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Patti said...

What a nice sentiment--I'm feeling much the same in an "auld lang syne" kind of way--but you expressed it oh so eloquently. See ya in '06!!