Tuesday, December 13, 2005

I'm Done

This quote from USA Today about internet dating says it all:

"The Internet is for broken people," [Steve] Levine philosophizes. "You meet another broken person, and if you're lucky, you're not broken in the same places and can prop each other up."

Which has been completely my past experience with internet dating. I've always found the other person messed up in some vague, uncomfortable way. The amount of times I've been proposed to within a month by a girl whom I met over the internet is staggering.

I think there's a serious disconnect on the internet between a preconceived view of the person, and the actual person. In some cases the person exceeds your expectations, but in most cases they don't and you get let down. That first date is often very uncomfortable, leading to absolutely nothing. and a general waste of time.

Plus, I think the reason why I have found internet dating so appealing in the past is that it's easy. I'm sometimes fairly lazy, so I'm attracted to something that requires very little work. But I think my new personality just doesn't gel with it. I would now much rather go out, bump into somebody and find them compelling for whatever reason.

So I'm out, done, finished with internet dating. If you're interested in meeting me, you have to find me in person. Sorry to disappoint all you ladies out there who have dreams of emailing me in order to start some torrid love affair, but it's just not going to happen. You must come to those famous places I hang and introduce yourself in person.

My head is totally not squeezing through the door in the morning.


Anonymous said...

That's interesting... you strike me as the type of person who would never call meeting a new person "a general waste of time."

I think even if nothing comes of the first date, it helps us develop our social skills. Well, maybe it only helps shy people like me, who actually need to develop our social skills :P

ericdbernasek said...

Dude! We're ALL broken people. Anyone who tells you differently is living in a fantasy world. And just about everyone (internet or no) is looking for someone else to "complete the set". Think: Jerry Maguire "you complete me".

Maybe what he really should have said is that we're "wookin' pa nub" in all the wrong places.

10 points to anyone who can identify that last reference.

Brett said...

Buckwheat is dead, get over it. I agree that we are broken, but I think in some way looking for someone to complete you while dating is the wrong attitude. You shouldn't need to have someone else to complete you.