Thursday, December 08, 2005


About a month ago, Bill was blithering about how college students don't seem to be activists anymore. Apparently his cries were heard when Ann Coulter showed up at Uconn to give a speech. The students came out in the freezing weather to protest her speech. Good for them and their willingness to stand up for a cause.

Of course, I was sitting in a cozy pub watching all of it unfold on television. Eating dinner with some friends, I watched as Coulter claimed they were violating her free speech. She said that these "college idiots" at this "idiot college" don't understand what's going on. How dare they violate her free speech!

Which is kind of ridiculous because in a sense they are actually practicing their free speech by protesting her speech. However, her line of reasoning was that since she was being paid to be there, so she had more of a right to speak. Which I guess is true, except for the fact that, according to R-dogg, a UConn alumni, the College Republicans violated student government rules by paying her nearly double what the rules specify they are allowed to pay for a speaker. But they swept the rules aside in order to bring her in, so maybe the students were protesting against the fiscal irresponsibility of the student government. Probably not though.

Ann Coulter is indeed a hateful bitch who instead of fighting with intelligence, just prefers to call people stupid. She's like the opinionated brat on the playground who gets angry when someone tries to argue back. All she can do is call people names and claim they are liberals, which is indeed what we call ourselves.

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