Thursday, December 22, 2005

Did I Mess Up?

Well sort of. Yesterday I was called out by Bora for not writing a paper for blogclass. There was a twinge of guilt there, considering he's been so kind to me. I was already feeling guilty over it beforehand. Then an email from the big guy shows up, asking me in a very nice way why I didn't write a paper. He seemed disappointed. The guilt exploded into a hundred shards of glass, each piercing my sensitive heart.

Okay, that's a lie, but maybe also not so much.

There are many reasons why I failed to write a paper and none of them had to do with the fact that I'm lazy. Indeed, those who know how often I write should realize that nothing could be further from the truth. I love writing, and term papers are no exception. But in this case, I just couldn't do it.

The first reason was that I was burned out about analyzing blogging. There's an old story about how Ted Williams and Mickey Mantle were sitting in the bullpen at the all-star game. Ted plied Mickey with all this information about hitting; proper stance, shoulder rotation and so on. After the game, Mickey claims he couldn't swing properly for like a month. That's how I was feeling, like I'd lost my swing. After the fateful night where my blog was deconstructed and put back together, I'd just had enough. I didn't want anything to do with analyzing the medium anymore. Sorry.

The second reason was that I made a choice between blogging and writing my term paper and I chose blogging. My energies are best spent writing about pretty girls eating sushi with me at 3am and speed dating. I made a decision, and I must live with.

Then there's the life I must live in order to maintain my blog. More on that later...

So, I'm sorry if people were upset that I didn't write a paper. I didn't, but I'll continue to blog and entertain, while continually discovering interesting things about myself. Hope to see you out there.


coturnix said...

Hey, you are a blogger now and you rock. As long as Colin does not fail you, I'll live without your paper. Keep writing about speed dates and you have passed in my grade-book.

Holly said...

Well, Brett, like you, I entertained the idea of actually not writing a paper - not that I didn't have a topic that interested me enough to narrow it down enough to make some kind of coherent 'something-or-other', because I was fascinated by Rapaille since I first read him. But I figured that since I wasn't so very vocal in class, I'd better "put some gas into the final," as Colin once said to me... And now that I did, I'm expecting an 'A' - hope you're reading this Colin! (That was a bit of humor mixed with truth - er, sort of...) Okay, skip that... (I'm chuckling).

I happen to think that your posts serve well as your paper in a round-a-bout sort of way - you've experienced the blogging bug first-hand and more than most. That's got to count for something - Colin, are you still reading?!?

See you in the blogosphere, old friend!

Mattyd said...

I'm envious. I interviewed more than 50 people, had them participate in a study that took quite some time, and then proceeded to write an 8 page piece of crap that I actually forgot to email to Colin until he asked me about it today.

How much cooler would I have been had I just had said, "Screw it. I ain't writing no stinking paper."

And though it hardly would have made much of a difference, I also chose to blog rather than work on the paper as much as I could have. It's remarkable how much I'm enjoying blogging without the pressure of examining the blogosphere.

And yes, Bora should've written a paper. More than any of us, he should've written a paper.

Holly said...

Apparently, Brett, our old friend was NOT reading... and refused comment on top of it. Oh well, chalk one up to experience.

Brett said...

He commented, but only privately, as is his way.

Holly said...

Not to me, I'm afraid...