Sunday, December 04, 2005

How Matty Helps and Hurts Me

Last night, Matty wrote in response to my apologies blog:
"I agree with Colin. No apologies needed. In fact, have you seen the Milwaukee Light commercials where the guy not acting like a guy (calling his wife in the middle of a poker hand or playing with a poodle while his buddies are checking out a car engine) gets crushed by the beer can while the announcer says, "Real men should act like real men."? Your apology borders on this type of behavior. You just had an old fashioned in-class disagreement. It made for a lively class. I've had worse arguments with my 3rd graders, man!

As for your blog style, start by finding something that will stop crashing my browser. After that, go into your closet and examine your clothing. Find the 3 colors that you wear the most and start there for a color scheme. It'll likely reflect you more than what you have now."

First of all Matty, thanks for the tip on changing the blog template. I was seriously wavering on what I was going to choose for my new blog template and when I woke up and saw your comment, I went with the colors of the sweater I'm presently wearing. Seriously. Sorry about all the crashed browsers that I've been causing lately. I think it was a residual side effect of removing the navbar.

Down to the Milwaukee Light comment. Do people really misunderstand me this much? I sit in class and huff and puff while my blog is being discussed, constantly banging my head on the beautiful Trinity College desks. During class, my face literally went through its own artistic periods. I'm an overreacter, and an extremely sensitive individual. As such, my blog will reflect this. Also, I always embellish things when I'm telling stories for the sake of the story. This is definitely me performing, but it's also my personality, so I regard it as genuine.

Plus, I was buzzing on some serious coffee and conversation with Bill. During that time I learned so much about Bill's love life I could probably write a book. That is, if Bill didn't already have one in the works. That man is quite the charmer. I'm seriously considering tag teaming for women with him at The Half Door. Or maybe just the Trinity Bistro. Either way, it'll be an experience.

One of the major problems I'm beginning to have with my newfound self-expression is that I do often get misunderstood. People that know me well identify my tone of voice as "sarcastic as hell." Friends are surprised when I become serious for a minute in order to express myself. It doesn't happen too often, so don't expect it to on the blog. With that, I'll leave you wondering how much of me is really a wet tongue pressing against a cold cheek.


Nile said...

Okay, I'll skip over the we tongue thing...I can't believe I missed all the hoopla over the class that's been flying around. I don't think you need to apologize for anything. I don't think Marc was offended; I think he likes to throw it out there to stir things up a bit. What's this fear of confrontation? No one personalized anything, so I think it was all good.

Having said all that, I will say you seemed a bit frail on Thursday. Hopefully we can gather a beer-drinking crowd after the last class and all part on a cheerful note.

coturnix said...

This is so funny! I never thought of it that way before, but the skin of my blog contains exactly the colors of the sweater I am wearing right now, my favourite sweater, the one you can see in many pictures from the recent Blogger Bash in Durham (scroll down my front page and click on the ohotos link).

Mattyd said...

Frail doesn't seem the right word to me. Fragile seems more accurate. And Brett, it's not (I think) that people misunderstand you. It's just that you're a bit of a contradiction of qualities. You're obviously smart and have lots bof self confidence, and you can be wonderfully scathing in your retorts and critisism, yet you are (dare I say) oddly sensitive as well. It's an uncommon mix that causes people (I think) to misunderstand you. That's all.

And I love the title of the post. My fiancee saw it and exclaimed, "What did you do to him?"

Brett said...

Thanks, that made me laugh on this wretched Monday morning.