Sunday, December 25, 2005


I am unqualified to comment about Christmas and joy and all that good stuff. However, there are some excellent essayists and bloggers who are. Enjoy:

Salon has a hilarious essay about mixed faiths on Christmas.

Colin has an interesting Christmas essay on the Courant website.

Follow Matty D's fun adventures through the holidays.

Wil Wheaton (yes that one) has an interesting take on the real War on Christmas.

Okay, this is just bizarre.

For now, I'm off for a traditional Jewish Christmas. I've got the Chinese food place on speed dial and am dressing to go to the movies. Or maybe I'll just show up in my pajamas. Either way, those of you celebrating have a Merry Christmas.

Yes, I realize that it is also technically Chanukah, but as I pointed out before, it's a holiday for children. There really isn't much significance to it.

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Papa Bill said...

Thanks for the holiday links, I would have missed Colin's article- which I really liked .