Sunday, December 11, 2005


Kim and I decided to drive up to the Holyoke mall in the heaviest part of the snowstorm on Friday, which was fun because it was an adventure. When we got there, I walked up to the dead sea salts kiosk because I wanted to see the fierce reaction the female attendant had to my hands. I'd also heard dead sea salts are really good for psoriasis. After her funny near faint and polite apologies for my condition, we decided to test the salts. Full of bravado, I allowed her to literally pour salt into all the cracks and cuts I had on my hands. I stood shaking there for a minute and let her talk about how great the product was before finally crying out "okay, but take it the hell off!" She immediately poured water over it. My face red, my hands on fire, I stumbled away from the booth, pretending to shrug off the pain. Kim put her arm around me to make sure I was okay before chastising me for having the stupid idea. I'm willing to try nearly anything (regardless of how dumb) at this point to make my hands feel better. Maybe next time I'll put my hands in a vat of baby alligators because I hear that alligators still don't get psoriasis.

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