Monday, January 30, 2006

How Bad Can Music Get?

Big music companies are still crying about the fact that digital music is destroying their business. What's actually killing the music business is the music itself. I blame the Black Eyed Peas. It isn't possible to make a song that is worse than "Humps." I love how this tune manages to disgust me with its juvenile lyrics and lack of actually being music. Yet it's played at least 100 times a day on any given radio station. People don't love this song, they just can't avoid it.

When I buy an album, I first hear a great song on the radio and look up the artist on Amazon. After sampling several tracks, I will usully buy it. Recently though, the radio has been so innundated with songs like "Humps" that I can't listen anymore. The reason why I'm not buying CDs anymore is because you're promoting crap and ignoring good musicians. Stop filling the air with garbage Gwen Stefani and start playing songs from musicians who actually play music. "Hollaback Girl" is recycled Disney Channel excrement.

The blame should fall almost entirely on the huge media monstrosities like Clear Channel and Infinity. Local radio stations that still choose their own playlists are a dying breed. You want to know why CD sales continue to fall at a ridiculous pace, look no further than the enormous companies managing the radio stations. People will want to buy songs when you give them a reason to.

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