Saturday, January 14, 2006

Dating Wrap Up #82789

On Thursday I was offered a chance to have a Romanian mail-order bride. According to the fine man in the parking lot, she was a "good girl, no sleep with other men." She was actually very beautiful, but then there's the whole "this is my Romanian mail-order bride Vlada" thing to deal with. I just can't keep my place in polite society with that. So I continue to blind date, which is really not helping my ego. In fact, going on dates with ladies I don't know has actually made me feel worse.

The thing is, I keep failing and I don't know why. I am a good looking, funny and intelligent guy. But I keep going out with ladies and not feeling any connection. I know they don't feel any connection either, because they never call me back. I'm always willing to try a second date, even if the first one isn't all that wonderful. Maybe that's just me though. Still, I've begun feeling like a sack of sour tomatoes. That can't be good.


Mattyd said...

Maybe you're doing something wrong. I once sent my friend on a practice date with a girl I knew who had a boyfriend. I told him to act as if this were a regular date, and when it was done, I asked the girl to be as honerst as possible about how the date went.
She told my buddy that he talked too much, seemed desperate for making small talk, and never asked her a single question about herself. These turned out to be things he needed to work on for future dates.

Something to consdier.

Mattyd said...

Or maybe the girls are just afraid to show up in your blog.

Brett said...

I do talk a lot. Figured that's because I'm just so damned charming though.

Papa Bill said...

Try tantric sex. Quietly, though.