Thursday, January 12, 2006

Black and Grey

A couple of days ago, my friend R-dogg said to me if had to choose an ideology, I think I would choose hardcore conservative. I was flabbergasted. I know my friend has very liberal ideas and beliefs, yet here he was saying he wanted to be a conservative. So what was with the change of heart?

It turns out R-dogg was suggesting that the liberal point of view is very complicated with many shades of grey. R-dogg merely is lusting after an ideology that is insanely black and white, so he doesn't have to always be reconsidering his point of view. I know what he means because I am often conflicted about my viewpoints on stem cells and abortion. There's no cut and dry way of thinking in the liberal paradigm.


coturnix said...

I thought liberals were Red....or is it Pink?

Mattyd said...

The conservative viewpoint is simple. When in doubt, act like a pompous, elitist prick.

Being a liberal is more challenging because it requires you to doubt yourself at times. It's not so cut and dry because you can't just assume that the extreme left is right.

Coffey0072 said...

I tend to go my own, hedonistic way. Repubs, Dems, Libs. The whole lot of them tend to have inconsistencies in their behaviour, in my humble opeeniooon.
While my thoughts may be construed as "liberal" I find that some (I said SOME) bleeding heart liberals are bandwagon jumpers who want to belong to some cause, because they feel guilty for being privileged, perhaps? These same liberals will randomly approach me at a social gathering, sufficiently lubricated and feeling bold, and then engage me about the evils of affirmative action and Kanye West's proclamation that "George Bush Doesn't Care..." Go figure.

coturnix said...

I am your visitor #3333! I like that. It is soooo...liberal!