Thursday, January 05, 2006

Fox News Hires Loud Idiots

Recently I've been convinced that the only requirement to become a Fox News anchor is to be a loud idiot. I'm nearly positive that an IQ residing somewhere below 90 is also a prerequisite. My rational are two recent clips of well-known Fox News anchors making enormous fools of themselves.

The first clip (sorry, site pass required) is of Fox News' John Gibson preaching about Brokeback Mountain. He hasn't seen the movie, he just feels like he's expert enough to comment on its merits. Gibson's argument's are grossly incompetent. For starters, he says the movie is a "gay agenda" film, but for anyone who has seen the movie, you'll know it makes a gay cowboy lifestyle seem lonely and isolated. Nothing about the film glorifies homosexuality. Gibson also doesn't understand the word satire, as he sites Larry David's article "Cowboy's Are My Weakness" as a defense of his own viewpoint. John, dude, Larry is a comedian and therefore is fooling around with conventions. By suggesting he's on your side, you're actually playing right into his farce. Of course, Gibson also unsuccessfully says Brokeback will be a box office failure. Apparently John is a news anchor who doesn't read the news.

The next clip speaks for itself, although I have a couple of quick additions. Bill, if you leave the comfort of your studio, only to get beaten up by the talk show host David Letterman, you are clearly in the wrong field. I mean Letterman is a great debater, but even he admits he's not smart enough for political debate. Yet he mops the floor with you. Lets get real here, the only way you even have a place in the political debate is because your show is a venue where you are virtually uncontested. You can say any stupid remark you want and not have somebody call you out on it. Your appearance on Letterman should have been a wake-up call.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Captain Obvious...

a rose is a rose said...

don't let letterman fool you. he often says he's not bright, but he sure as hell is. he can hold his own with the best of them. always has, always will.

and please don't forget o'wrongly was at one time the host of 'inside edition'