Sunday, January 22, 2006

Happy Birthday Gerry

Surprise parties are fun, and even more so when the person is genuinely unaware of the surprise. Case in point, last night's very exciting bash for my friend Gerry's 30th birthday. I was so happy that nobody tipped Gerry off to it, especially considering that I walked around all week filled with the anxiety that I would be the one to blow it for everyone. Whenever saw Gerry at work, I would plunge my eyes to the floor, a casual "hey" extruding from my lips. Desperation, thy name is not telling someone about their surprise party. Oh please don't tell him accidentally slip.

I have a big mouth.

So it was with great joy that Gerry walked into the backroom of the Wood N' Tap last night, almost completely unaware of what was happening. We all had been there for about an hour with an open bar, so some of us ended up shouting "seeerprishhh." Okay, maybe that was just me. Those "girly" French martinis do a number on me.

Happy 30th birthday Gerry. When I turn 30, and I have the amount of friends and family who care about me so much, I'll be very happy. You are a great friend who deserves it all.

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