Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Quick Thoughts

As you may know, I enjoy House. In fact I think it's the best show on television. But I'm a little worried about the direction it may be going in. They are dangling the promise of romance between House and Sela Ward's character way too much. They will almost certainly continue with it over the next few weeks. But if the writers continue with it, the show could be headed into the soap opera doctor show that Dr. House loves so dearly. In order for the show to work, House needs to be miserable with momentary flashes of joy. With love in his life, it might be harder to accept his surliness.

Despite all my initial reservations, I'm actually intrigued by the Howard Stern satellite show. Stern's acquisition of George Takei as his announcer was brilliant. Plus, Stern has openly admitted that he will only push the boundaries when they are necessary. He's trying to not blunt his new instrument by constantly swearing and making lesbians have sex. The man is definitely a genius.

My early mandate to stop online dating has become a bust because quite frankly it's hard to meet people in Hartford when you are out of college. So I'm back online, and actually finding the experience interesting. I've realized one major flaw in my earlier online dating experience; I focused too much on one person. I'd meet a woman online, begin emailing them and stop talking to other women. Now when I have a bunch of emails waiting for me to answer, I feel better about my life. I also don't take the one email to a girl as serious.

This comment yesterday regarding my posting on the self-help craze is interesting, and helps prove my point. I disagree on the idea that "one must only ask and answer the questions that he or she alone can ask and answer." I mean, if we only focused on answerable questions, than we wouldn't get very far. It's the unanswered questions that drive us. The most well-known philosophers sought out those questions and gave their lives meaning by attempting to answer them. Even if we fail to answer them, the attempt is noble. But just like I said yesterday, it's all about how often you ask the cosmic questions. Don't drag your life down by always focusing on them.

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