Sunday, January 01, 2006

The Great Blog Pong Game

New Years night there were many shenanigans, most of which I can't remember, but I'm sure my friends will make fun of me for in the next coming weeks. The one thing I do remember is the crazy beer pong game that my friend R-dogg and I played for the respect of our blogs.

The mood was tense as we each were down to our final cup. It had been a pretty standard game, some shots make, some shots going out the window and hitting parked cars. That's the way the beer pong ball bounces. Now it was up to me to win it all.

My friend D$ is across the table taunting me. His elaborate hand gestures and sexual references have shaken me. I'm off my game and I know it. But I'm trying to desperately concentrate and hold out. My partner is counting on me. His girlfriend is already worried that he's gotten too drunk.

D$ shouts out "this is all nonsense anyways." I look up at him and he's stopped his bizarre gestures. He stares at me and says "come on Mr. Blogitty blog blog blog, shoot." I can't believe he's taunting me with my blog, using it against me. Finally he says "you're always just going to be nonsense, so give it up."

Oh no he didn't.

Needless to say, you can taunt me with weird hand gestures and I'll get rattled. You can even show me inappropiate parts of your body and I'll probably miss. But you make fun of my blog, and that's it, no more Mr. Bad Shot.

The sounds of a pong ball completely missing the rim of the cup and diving right into the beer is wonderful. Truly a sound worth preserving. Which is to say, we won the game and I was a blog hero. Or maybe just a hero.

Happy 2006.

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