Saturday, January 21, 2006

What's Really Bothering Me

I stole the title from Bill, but that's because I find it incredibly provocative. Bill, in his posting, actually had a coherent thing that was really bugging him. My answer is that I genuinely don't know what's bothering me. But something is, and I don't like it.

Every morning for the past five or six days I've woken up feeling empty, like there's something missing. It used to be that I would wake up sad because I wanted a girl romantically in my life. I would actively work to find a girl who was willing to be romantic with me. I know that feeling though, and this isn't it.

I'm also not lonely, which happens on occasion. Recently though, I've been lucky in friendship, so I'm hardly ever alone if I don't want to be. Plus, I have my cats, one of which is sitting here watching me blog. One day soon, he'll rise up and start his own blog. It could happen people.

It's not my career, because I have a good job doing something I truly enjoy. Okay, maybe I'd like to make a little more money, but who honestly wouldn't? So I have a good job with decent pay and a roof over my head. I can't complain about that.

I feel better now. I'm still not sure what's bothering me, but taking inventory of what's good in my life has made me feel a lot better. Thanks blogging, you rascally devil. You've done it again.

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Nile said...

I left our conversation on Thursday thinking you seemed very...somewhere else. You usually are very engaged and animated, but you did seem down. I'm glad you blogged about it, and I'm glad it helped. Despite all of the connection our class has created thru blogging, I still felt like I might be intruding to say, hey, are you okay. But I noticed, I was concerned, and I hope you're back on your game soon.