Thursday, January 19, 2006


Orson Scott Card has written a really intelligent and balanced argument about intelligent design. I like the way he compares the Designists to Darwinists, who he claims are both dogmatic at heart. He's right, the Darwinists definitely do seem to have a streak of "fervent belief" in them. Card has once again restored my faith that he is one of the sharpest minds around- Bush supporter or otherwise.

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Mattyd said...

The one problem I have with his article is the means by which he characterizes the Darwinists' arguments and rebuttals. I have a hard time trusting a summary of the opposing side to an argument when the person doing the summarizing is arguing against his own summary. Had he directly quoted the Darwinist rebuttals or provided the link to something actually written by a Darwinist in relation to the topic, I would be more trusting and willing to listen.

By the way, the photographer from Fairfield is terrific. Great find.