Saturday, November 26, 2005

More Funny, Less Academic

Recently, I was talking to my friend R-dogg who told me that something was seriously wrong with my blog. He didn't mean that my content was offensive or weird, he meant that my recent turn into more intellectual topics was pointing him off. As he said "reading your commentary on the Williams' poem was like being in a graduate seminar. Dude, what the fuck?" He's very good at expressing himself.

The unfortunate thing is that I find myself completely unfunny right now because I'm using my best material for dating. Dating is time consuming and kind of emotionally draining with very little rewards in the beginning. My stomach churns, my palms sweat and my heart palpitates wildly. I miss just having a girlfriend to rely on.

Sad, huh? Like I said, I use most of my funny energy while dating, so when I get home I just kind of stare at walls. Please God don't let this blog become a treatise on how much this all sucks. I am still completely a fun-loving happy person.

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Kim-- the Librarian said...

What good is a blog to you or anyone else if it doens't allow you to express multiple facets of your personality. I mean, sure, you are a fun loving person--but is that anyway to define yourself or to be defined by others? Why isn't it acceptable to be more than a sitcom? Graduate classes could be cool--why is it negative to have your content/tone be compared to one. To reference your other post on the 20's, think about how badly you will feel at 30 if you haven't had a chance not only to explore your other dimensions, but to have them validated (which I'm guessing is one of the major attractions of blogging).