Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Is Credit Damaging Our Society?

In this holiday season, I'd like to consider what the idea of credit and credit cards means to us. The idea of credit is a solid one, you can have all those things you want and not pay for them until later. Right now you may not have the money, but someday you could. Those credit cards will be paid off one day when you come into a good amount of money. So spend now and deal with it later.

Except the credit philosophy is creating this "Veruca Salt" mentality of wanting things immediately. We can't simply wait for the time when we are able to afford thing. We always want more and sink deeper into debt. Televisions, video game systems and new cars are what's valued.

I have dreams. I want bigger things for myself. But those bigger things aren't necessarily material. I want a nice place to live in with a family that loves me. I want to succeed at things I'm good at. I want to always try, even if I know that I may not succeed. I want these things because something inside wants to be a good person.

I recently used my credit card for a purchase that I consider important. It wasn't for a new computer, rims for my car, a PSP or new clothing. I bought a ticket to see my brother, who I only see about two weeks out of the year. That is more important than anything I could imagine owning.

I see people with everything and nothing at the exact same time. They own all sorts of fancy hosues, nice cars, new cell phones and a dirth of other things. Credit cards make our society want and have these things like never before, but they also make us value the wrong things. They also put our country into economical danger with overspending and people who can't pay off even the minimums on their cards. Where will we end up if this continues?

For a rebuttal to my argument, please consider this article from About.com.

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