Friday, November 18, 2005

How South Park is Still Relevant

Sitcoms tend to become cliched and boring after several years on the air. So it's refreshing to see a show like South Park, that is just as raw and honest as it was when it first began. Their latest indictment of the Church of Scientology was hilarious and biting to the point where they attached no names to the credits for fear of litigation. Scientology is famous for its lawsuits.

I took some time to explore South Park's claims about Scientology, and found them to be accurate. A wikipedia search accompanied with an old Time article suggested the depth of scariness of the Church of Scientology. If anything, South Park's criticism of the Church of Scientology was lightweight compared to what they could have done. and now I most stop for fear that my blog will be taken away from me in a long court battle.

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this is why I like exploring the links on this blog...