Monday, November 14, 2005

Date Anxiety

I do the strangest things on dates. The preparation for one is the strangest, because I try and make my hair do the oddest things imaginable. Blemishes get worked on until they end up looking worse, which is always a good idea. The nice shirt from the back of the closet comes out. I try and look dressed up, but not too prepared.

This method has never worked for me. Ridiculous preparation for a date always gives me extra stress. Nervousness means I don't talk, which is awkward because I like talking. So we stare at each other and try and talk, but conversations don't flow. Nothing about it works well.

Which is why my date with The Lady Vader worked so well. I didn't have time to get nervous or prepare. Instead, I asked her to a quick coffee and was out of my apartment in about thirty minutes. I was wearing the same thing I put on that morning and threw a hat over my tousled hair. Easy.

So conversation did just flow, and I think that had to do partly with the fact that I wasn't super prepared and partly because we just clicked. Also, I think it's easier when to talk when there are books around, but maybe that's just me. So it was a good date in comparison with many, many poor dates. So I've got that going for me, which is nice.

And now it's time to worry about whether she enjoyed it as well, which is equally as fun.

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Holly said...

The best things in life are spontaeous - I told you so ;-)hv