Sunday, November 20, 2005

Date Anxiety II

Why is it that when I'm on a date, somehow I turn into a disaster? Not that I'm not my charming and witty self, but every single flaw seems to pop out at once. She's in the car, I'm a terrible driver. We are walking I trip over my feet. Somehow I forget to eat before the date and have to stop for a quick bite before I pass out. Plus, for the first time ever, my cell phone rang during a movie. While we were holding hands.


I'm fortunate that the lovely, intelligent and beautiful Lady Vader seems to pass such things off as charming, otherwise she'd have run for the hills by now. I suppose if all my weird flaws pop up in the beginning, she'll know how to easily tolerate them. But I'm looking to be myself, and for some reason I turn into the Nutty Professor (Jerry Lewis one). My mind will not allow me to relax and just have a good time. It needs to constantly be nervous and on guard. To which, I feel the need to say-screw you subconscious! You may be winning small battles, but maybe by writing all this down I will win the war.

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Kim-the librarian said...

Maybe the fact that there was no running and no screaming is a big flashing neon sign that you can relax enough to just be yourself.

And, hey, since you are no longer reading her blog, how do you know she's not obsessing over all the crazy things she thinks you noticed about her (I would reference Better off Dead here but I fear your youth would render the allusion obsolete).