Monday, November 07, 2005

Holy Moses! (Blogclass For Me)

I really like this Jewish blog. It's not about forwarding propaganda about the Jewish religion, or trying to convert people, or even being intolerant towards other faiths. Instead, it asks essential questions facing Jews today and gives the reader a genuine feel of what it's like to be Jewish. It's funny at times and richly meditative at others.

I think a faith-based blog can't cram ideas down a reader's throat, but present them in a way that offers discussion. A Big Jewish Blog allows for discussion by offering poetry, and thoughts, while at the same time demonstrating the author's own experiences with Judaism. I disliked Anvil and Fire because of it's self-righteous, "we are right" attitude. Eric Selinger demonstrates the problems with being Jewish in America and allows for constructive thought. If only more people read it.

I also enjoyed the retail Christian blog because it's attempting to also point out some of the flaws in Christianity in modern society. Ben's criticism on the Left Behind series of books and movies is excellent and highly thought provoking. I also like how he links it to Bush's No Child Left Behind legislation, and notes how the wording is an obvious attempt to electrify his own base. I hope the author of this blog takes the time to update more frequently. His voice is excellent and very progressive.

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