Wednesday, October 26, 2005

A Word About Miers

I've read all the terrible things people are saying about Harriet Miers, and I agree with them in principle. I mean this woman is definitely over her head, and really not qualified for the job and certainly a Bush crony. All these things certainly disqualify her from the position of Supreme Court Justice. But lets be reasonable, this is a person we are discussing. Everytime we pick on her shoes or her hair or her writing, we are probably hurting her in some way.

Please folks, lets consider pulling back some of our criticism and let this process run its course. She is not one of Bushs' bad legislation like social security reform or NCLB (one of my students called NCLB the "Harrison Bergeron law," those lovable scamps). We can pick on these laws as much as possible because they don't involve personal attacks. However, when we pick on a person, we are demeaning ourselves.

With all the crazy awful things that are coming out about this woman, it might be wise for President Bush to simply rescind her nomination. President Bush, if you were really Harriet's friend, you would care about how much this process may be hurting her and do the right thing.

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