Saturday, October 29, 2005

Seasons Changing Outrage

I'm a last minute shopper. I tend to think about things at the last minute and rush out. So I have a costume party today at 3:30 and I rushed out to a store to get some costume ideas. I expected most people would be clamoring for their last minute costumes and the store would have a gigantic display.

What I saw made me sick.

For I did not walk into a glitzy halloween palace. Instead, I witnessed all the Halloween stuff shoved off to one side and the staff putting up their Christmas displays. I thought: CHRISTMAS DISPLAYS! WHAT THE FUCK DATE IS IT? Have I gone through some temporal time warp when I walked into the store. Is it black friday already?

Nope, indeed it is October 29th. They have started the season about a month and a half early.

And I almost vomited.

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