Saturday, October 15, 2005


Dear You,

The problem is, you are so nice and I want to commit to you so badly. I know that we would be great together. Everyone says how wonderful you are and how terrific it is to be around you. It's just that I've committed and been hurt before, and I don't want that type of pain again. Please, just make it easy on both of us and leave me in peace.

I know you'll find others who are willing to commit and I know how well you'll do. But last year I was in so much pain and it just isn't time. I walked around like a zombie, barely enduring the pain. I'm finally back to my emotional self again, and I feel better than ever, but I can't let myself be hurt again.

You see, last year Firefly was torn from me way too early. I had devoted myself to it entirely, and everything was going so well when it was ripped from me by those brutal Fox executives. We just recently made up with Serenity, but it wasn't the same. I can't even express how hard it was. Then, on top of that, Star Trek was cancelled with no visible spin-off in sight. Life just isn't the same.

So I've avoided good shows like you because I just can't go through you being cancelled. If you succeed, and become a well loved show, one day in the future it might just work out on dvd. Until then my delicate new show...


P.S. Fox if you took House off the air, I don't know what I would do. I'd probably move on and watch old reruns of Hugh Laurie on Black Adder, but it wouldn't be the same. Please don't mess with me, I'm a delicate fucking flower.

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