Monday, October 17, 2005


"We can't go to spinning."

"But we need to go."

"How about we read instead?"

"Yeah, we like reading, But I had chocolate today. We need to."

"We don't have to go spinning, we can jog."

"The last time we tried jogging was a disaster. You stopped about halfway into it."

"We had a cold!"

"Yeah well, it's always an excuse. Get our ass up and go."

"I don't want to."

"Spinning Instructor will be very upset."

"Spinning Instructor doesn't even know us."

"Well how do you think she will get to know us if we never go to her class?"

"Okay, how about we go to the gym and talk to Spinning Instructor but don't spin."

"Ewww, the gym is not our personal pickup place. We go, we are spinning."

"Then we aren't going."

"Yes we are. We want to see Spinning Instructor."

"You can go, I'm staying right here."

"Um, I am you. I can't leave my mind and take my body. How will I drive there?"

"Take the bus."

"We'll pick up raisins."

"Oooh, I like raisins."

"I know. We can gets lots of raisins before class. They'll energize you."

"Fine, we can go to spinning, but no warmup and we talk to Spinning Instructor afterwards."



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Brett said...

I am so keeping this comment up. It makes me feel all warm and cuddly inside.

ericdbernasek said...

Wow! Like a fool, I clicked on that one. I TOTALLY didn't expect it to be a real link to a real site that was really about mens rash guards, for real.

kellycoxsemple said...

I like the self conversation. Nice effect.

Did you know that you can use word verification to prevent comments spam? I haven't read all your blog entries, so maybe you WANT the comment spam. Just thought I'd let you know.