Thursday, October 20, 2005

Links and Linking

So I've noticed that this guy (nobody ever calls each other by their names on the blogosphere) has been assisting our class by posting links to our blogs in order to get more traffic to them. Just recently (Tuesday) I'd installed Sitemeter on my blog in hopes to monitor the traffic that came in and yesterday I noticed that Bora had made a link to me on Jay Rosen's Press Think. Bora's tireless efforts caused my readership to triple, and for that I thank him.


You see, the thing is that I use my blog a lot as a way to express myself when there is no other outlet. Sometimes I'll think something is funny but out of place for a work conversation, or just too damn political to discuss with people, so I blog about it. I also get myself in trouble because I have a tendency to overexpress myself verbally (I talk too much). My fellow colleagues in class know this litle quirk of mine all too well.

So I blog for myself, hoping that I can get all the clutter out of my mind. While I do secretly hope that people are reading it, I actually am kind of nervous about that idea also. Yesterday when I saw the sitetracker go up, I was anxious because I felt like I had to perform and make a good blog. Until then, I didn't care what I out up here. I'm afraid of selling out. I also want to keep my original voice, and if I know I have an audience, I might start losing that.

Bora, what you are doing for our class is great. I'm sure others in our class would agree with me that you are deepening our experience in the blogosphere. Just don't scare me again by linking me to a major blogging website. I don't think I could take the pressure.

Oh and Colin, I plan on showing the rest of the class how to install sitemeter today. I emailed you about this, but you have a curious habit of not getting back to me. So I'm making my intentions known.


coturnix said...

Hey, if you write something worth linking, somebody will link to it. That is the nature of the beast. No more privacy LOL!

As for keeping one's voice, everybody is struggling with this question, perhaps the 'A-listers' the most. Each has to find his/her own way to remain true to oneself.

Brett said...

Thanks, that means a lot.

kellycoxsemple said...

Have you ever read any of the "Griffin and Sabine" series of books? I think blogs have the same appeal, like reading someone's personal letters. Of course, the big difference is that the person writing KNOWS that miscellaneous unknown persons may be reading it.

I found your blog through Connecticut Weblogs. Keep up the good work. :-)