Monday, October 10, 2005

Heather Explains the Plot of Cirque du Soleil To Me

"Um, well there's like all these weird buggy things and they're sort of bouncing against walls and doing all sorts of crazy gymnastic stuff. Then from the top of the tent comes this weird looking white thing, I think maybe it represented a fallen angel but might have been a turnip, but I'm not sure. The bugs chase the turnip around and there's all this artsy fartsy acrobatic stuff. After that, a yellow bug shows up and I think it falls in love with the turnip angel and maybe they get married or something. Then everyone began doing a Russian dancing, which was kind of out of place. Weird contortionists climb up walls and then I think I may have fallen asleep, or there was flying or something. Anyways, it was really beautiful."

I bet.

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