Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Subway, Eat fresh?

I went to Subway today to try and get the taste of kugel and bad brisket out of my mouth. Like many people, I am of the impression that Subway is a fast food place that's actually good for you. Subway's commercials talk of how their food is all fresh and fantastic, with many sandwiches under the enormous amount of fat that McDonald's hanburgers gives you.

This is not a lie, but one hell of an exaggeration. A patron in line was definitely under this healthy impression when she ordered a cold cut sandwich. The sandwich, containing all sorts of italian meats, was slathered with honey mustard, mayonnaise and a particularly caloric-rich type of bread. The woman then poured herself a "juice" fountain beverage, basically carbonated sugar water. She seemed satisfied that her lunch was far healthier than any other fast food place.

Subway's misleading advertising bothers me. The sandwiches they show that are "under 6 grams of fat" are entirely devoid of any sandwich toppings. They are not what an average individual would eat.

I'm shocked at how well Subway's campaign has worked on people. Most of the customers in the restaurant saw Subway as an excellent sandwich place that would make their bodies thin. As far as I can see, the only way to lose weight is with hard work while exericising, and staying away from fast food places altogether.

But if you must go there, allow me to suggest an alternative. Personally, I love Subway's veggie delite sandwich, which is basically a bread salad. That is a satisfying fast food treat that never makes me feel unhealthy.

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Brian said...

The wife manages a Subway restaurant and you talking abut the choice of beverages made me think that they should dispense juices instead of carbonated beverages swimming with corn syrup which is far less healthy than real sugar.

The only way to make a healthy Subway sandwich is to avoid both the cheese and mayonaisse and stick to meats like turkey, chicken (grilled) and ham. All the while paying $3-4 for a sandwich which made at home would cost you about 70 cents.

Quite the racket they have going.