Friday, September 09, 2005

Shaken and a little Stirred

I'm tense, which is weird for me because I'm usually composed. I can feel my hand shaking and I place my other hand over it to make myself look more casual. I probably look less casual and kind of constipated, but that's alright, I'm still a handsome guy. New experiences hardly ever jostle me, I often revel in public speaking and meeting new people. Yet this is different, it's my fourth class at Trinity and I'm still not sure what to expect. I'm always the first one in class pursuant to some ingrained need to be on time to anything I've ever been to. I go crazy if I'm not on time. So I'm sitting along fifteen minutes early, which is fine because I enjoy listening to my inner monologue. Someone walks in and introduces himself, and I kind of awkwardly introduce myself, which is a little off because I'm excellent at introducing myself. I love giving people formal greetings with a firm handshake that suggests I'm interested in meeting them. It surprises and pleases most people when you show you care about meeting them. In this case though, I merely blurt out my name like it's a secret password I'm reluctant to give. More people file in, also introducing themselves. We begin discussing classes at Trinity we've taken. I'm more comfortable now, more in my element. Two people have taken a class I despised and express their own distaste for the class. I get excited, my voice decibel rising. I'm in the middle of nearly shouting about how I hated the book when our new professor walks in and repeats my one of my vitriolic lines.

I'm pretty sure I was hoping for a better introduction then that.

Other than that, I think my technical know-how combined with my voracious reading of web journals and need to write will propel me through the course. I'm glad people from the rhetoric course are also in the class (including Chris who keeps following me to new classes) so I'll feel more comfortable explaining my thoughts without feeling self-conscious.

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