Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Searching Blogs

Google has a new blog search, which is pretty interesting, although I bet most people will use it to look for references to themselves:

Which, of course, led me to looking for references to myself on Google search.
According to Google search, Brett Evans is:

A somewhat mysterious bad poet
A reporter for something called Lateline
A soccer star (look how handsome I am)
The city of Warner Robins police chief
A write for Lungfull magazine
An alumni for Taiwan Taichung Mission
The writer of The Life and Soul of the Party:A Portrait of Modern Labor
The Producer of No Mess, a television show with a strange premise
A pretty darn good marathon runner (go me!)
Quality Assurance Supervisor for the Natural Gas Exchange
and finally....
A guest star on Angel

Whew that took awhile, but I finally feel like I know myself.

Apologies to the poet Brett Evans, who was safely evacuated from New Orleans last week. Your poems may be bad, but you are probably a nice person.

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