Friday, September 16, 2005


Salon has posted a stirring timeline of the events leading up to the Katrina disaster. While it does tend to blame federal officials more than state officials, it's pretty well balanced. Check it out:

I love how quickly New Orleans is being reopened. The indominatable human spirit lives on, refusing to die in the face of disaster. It gives me hope to see how we always come together during tragic times to learn from our mistakes and start again. New Orleans will once again thrive and be an even better place to live.

Bush's speech last night was very controlled and generally on task. He realizes that all his political capital, plus a hell of a lot of credit, has been burned and he needs to clumsily attempt to get it back. Nearly one year after being elected, the man sits with the lowest poll numbers of his presidency. Will we ever trust the man again, especially considering the tenth level of hell that Iraq is becoming? There are times when I feel sorry for him, I really do think he's not even sure where he is or what he's doing. But then I remember the damage that his administration has caused and I step up and once again fight against the president.

Now I think I may need to go to the bathroom? Is this possible.


Transgenderedtrash said...

Katrina was the big Bush opportunity to reclaim some credibility...if he only has been awake on 9/11 where he could have learned from the Giuliani model. He could have remade himself...and maybe not be thought of as quite so much of a boob. It is hard to believe that he could have missed this opportunity. It is harder to believe those around him did not have him jump all over this.

As Americans, situations like New Orleans are what we do best. One month to open an airport? I think not. You are is indomitable spirit.

Nile said...

Hey Brett,

As for Bush, I'm no fan, but really, is a scribbled potty break photo really NEWS? Even I feel sorry for the guy.

As for New Orleans, it just goes to show that human beings have tremendous fortitude, especially when it comes to partying.

As for your comment to me, check out my blog...I posted a sign-up sheet of sorts.

Hey, this cross-blogging thing is pretty fun.