Tuesday, September 20, 2005

My new love... (not for the weak hearted)

My second attempt at proto blogging:

Dear New Spinning Instructor,
I love you. Now I know this may seem quick because we've only known each other for an hour and never really spoken, but I felt an immediate connection to you. It was like our bikes had merged into one single sexy machine that kept moving to the beat. Somehow everything in the room was perfect last night; the lights were dim, the music was emotional and we were sweating hard.

I love the way you take control and force me to move faster. Your sultry voice resonates across the room in a powerful sonic boom of pure energy. I can tell that our relationship will be much the same and you'll drive me to grow by yelling encouraging statements like "you're almost there" and "push yourself to be a better person." You know me so well.

I could tell you shared the same feelings for me because you kept looking at me with a confused expression. I know you were taking the time out of your busy spinning schedule to focus on my unique spinning style. At the end of class when you told me how "interesting" my spinning was, I knew you meant sexy and stylish. It's hard for people to hide their feelings from a man like me.

Now there's been spinning instructors in the past. That whole Lori thing was a major debacle. But I've moved on and I think I'm ready to consider you my number one spinning instructor and my new love. Next class, lets push our bikes closer together to show how much we care about each other. During a recovery, we can even hold hands.

To conclude, I've done something I hardly ever do when I love someone as much as you. I've written you a haiku. Please enjoy its restrictive stanzas and unique imagery:

Sweating down my back
Our hearts pumping in unison
I nearly fall off

That's it for now spinning instructor. I'll see you next week at exactly 7pm for our warm up together. Look for me, I'll be the one wearing the bright red towel, which I'll use to wipe my sweat off.


Transgenderedtrash said...

In this class we are supposed to write about blogs. Nothing else. It is important you remember this.

I say this because for the past four years, five days a week, I spun. Up at 5:00 AM...in class at 5:30 ...showered and out the door by 7:00 AM. You know the feeling. You and I could probably talk about the endorphien rush, cycling high, the buzz etc...and most would not get it. I am a former drug addict. Spinning is close. Now, I am turning into a fat blob. The minute after I hit "Login and Publish" I will be out the door to Dairy Queen and then to physical therapy. It is such a void...as long as I am disabled nothing is going to give me that same satisfaction. I tell them in physical therapy that my goal is to slowly get back on track. The day I can finally get that first revolution on the cycle is the day I really start to get well.

A Mandolin said...

Unst I like your blogger-bloggerstein. I mean, I was totally heated by it. It made me want to hop on it and ride it all night long. I guess it has that effect on us women. Oh well, I'm off to meet my lover, 24hr Fitness. Ciao.