Thursday, September 15, 2005

Literary Circle

This week, I've decided to recommend a book I think will appeal to the less avid reader, althought as a pretty voracious reader, I enjoyed it as well. It's Chris Crutcher's The Sledding Hill and it is a quick and fantastic experience. The narrator is a recently deceased boy who meddles with his friend Eddie so that Eddie's life will be okay in the future. Crutcher, as always, mixes humor with drama in a comfortable and easy manner.

The central conflict of the book turns out to be censorship and how to deal with it in a small town. What is amazing about the book is the way in which Crutcher manages to create a large issues without creating any cliched bad guys. Crutcher goes out of his way to suggest that even censorship advocates believe their actions are good and just. Nobody is evil in the tradition manner. Crutcher deals with the controversial issues in an easy to understand and straightforward manner. The Sledding Hill is an inviting and exciting read.

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