Friday, June 02, 2006

Sorry for the Scarcity

But I've been working on several projects that I've left hanging. The good news is that creatively, I feel rejuvenated. My new projects include:

An experimental piece that comprises fictional student essays of an imagined novel I have written. These essays will span the straightforward five paragraph high school essay to the convoluted and overly analytical graduate paper. I'm still working on the premise of the imagined novel.

A YA novel where the main character is an adolescent boy whose father is a test pilot for Earth's new translight ships. He lives on the space station with his father, where he attends school with the other children of the space fleet. Normal adolescent craziness ensues-mixed with the dangers of spaceflight.

A couple of dangling short stories, most of which aren't developed enough to discuss.

Please forgive me for my lack of blogging.

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