Thursday, June 08, 2006

It's Not About the Gay

If I were a special interest group, I'd be pissed right now. The GOP wants me every couple of years to fire up their base during election year and then tucks me away again. Totally dishonest.

But then, I suppose this whole gay marriage issue is ridiculous in its own right. We, as a society, should be attempting to further ourselves intellectually, culturally and socially. We have many issues to face in our country, including energy problems, health care and poverty. Why is congress working to amend our constitution to deny people their basic rights?

In a way, I'm actually glad President Bush is heating up the gay marriage issue. He believes his base will fall in line and follow along. But as he continues playing smoke and mirror politics, those loyal constituents will begin realizing just how ridiculous this issue is. His supporters will realize that gay marriage is a private matter, and has nothing to do with their own lives.

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