Sunday, June 18, 2006

Summer Diggin'

The summer has started for me. I've been preparing for this for several weeks. Unfortunately, one of the concessions I made to prepare for the summer was to go on a brief hiatus from blogging. My creative attentions needed to be focused other places.

Not to worry, I'm back.

In order to prepare myself for the vast amount of free time in front of me, I have done several things. The first was to purchase a wireless router, which will allow me to blog with my laptop. There have already been several mornings where I woke up and dragged my laptop off the floor. Writing has been slow, but productive.

The second was to purchase a significantly better coffee maker. My first one was a bachelor special, the kind that barely makes the equivalent of a grande cup of Starbucks coffee. Instead I purchased a Hamilton Beach Brewstation. This wonderful gift to myself is an absolute wonder of coffee engineering that actually makes the amount of coffee it claims to. The best thing yet about the maker is that it holds the coffee inside the machine and pours it on demand. No more messy coffee urn. I'm planning many luxurious mornings where I wake up and casually sip coffee while writing.

Of course, this new device has allowed me to experiment with several coffee drinks. This morning I shut the machine off, let the coffee inside cool, and poured it into a thermos bottle. I then added Yoohoo and refrigerated the drink for a cool, refreshing summer beverage.

Isn't free time wonderful?


Mattyd said...

Some of us still have a week of school left.

Mark said...

Get a job! Just kidding.. Enjoy your summer