Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The Return...

There's something fantastic about being the first one on your block to see a new movie. If it's good, you get to share your enthusiasm and tell all your friends about it. If it's bad, you are the one who averted disaster and made sure to let everyone kno just how bad it was. Either way, you get to see the movie with fresh eyes, which is always cool.

Last night I had a great desire to see a movie. I initially was thinking Click when I loaded up the showtimes. But then I saw the movie I had been waiting for. Superman Returns-10:00. I gleefully went off to see if it would be what the trailers made it seem.

I knew I made the right choice the second John Williams score came blasting through the sound system. The original credits, with the cool green flying text, came at me and I was in heaven. I sincerely doubt that Williams has written a better score than the Superman theme. It is all encompassing and gets your heart pumping.

It's not perfect. In fact there are some minor hiccups. The fact that both Superman and Clark Kent return after five years away and nobody seems to put the pieces together is an issue. Nobody even thought "Hey Clark's back, oh so is Superman. Weird huh?"

Brandon Routh is Superman. I had my issues with him looking so close to Christopher Reeves, but he really does encompass the role. I was so pleased that as Clark Kent he was not a bumbling klutz, but a genuine down to earth guy. I loved Christopher Reeves Superman, but his bumbling Clark Kent always struck me as over the top.

Superman Returns is worth a viewing on the big screen if only for the immense visuals. But check it out as a good, story driven movie as well. I think you'll be pleased.

Now I have to wait another year for this.

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Anonymous said...

Evil Spiderman? Creepy... was that in the comics?