Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Ideological Differences

I used to cheer for Joe Lieberman. I remember one particular morning where my mother called me with news that Lieberman had been picked as Gore's vp candidate. I was sleeping and lept out of bed, confident that Joe could go far.

It's been six years, and everything Joe has done in the interim has been a severe dissapointment to me. He has not done his job and reflected the sentiments of the people of Connecticut. Instead, he's sneakily attempted to endear himself to the administration by sticking by their policies. You can't have it both ways.

So this morning I hear an ad campaign for Ned Lamont. I don't really know much about Lamont, and have been on the fence about voting for him. But the ad campaign flipped me over the fence. It was the sincere and honest way in which Ned said he would support Lieberman if he won the primary. In the face of a bratty child who is claiming to run as an independent if he loses, that's pretty cool. Lamont has some amazing integrity.

Plus, given the fact that Lieberman is using this nasty attack ad I can't seem to find anything worthwhile in the man anymore.

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